Mixed voices:

I Oletjedn, i Olekjinn (Norwegian folk song arranged for SATB) (2018)

Sett meg som et segl på ditt hjerte (SATB) (2018) Preview

Et ecce terrae motus II (MezTTB+SATB) (2018) Preview

An Old Irish Blessing (SATB) (2017) Listen Preview

Til Foraaret (SATB) (2017) Listen Preview Purchase

As after sunset (SATB) (2016) Preview Purchase

Salvator mundi (SSATBB) (2016) Preview Purchase

Crux fidelis (SSATB) (2016) Preview Purchase

Oimè il bel viso (SSATB) (2015) Listen Preview Purchase

Stand wel, Moder, under rode (MezTTB) (2015) Preview

Amid a crowd of stars (SATB or ATBarB solo and SATB choir) (2014) Preview Purchase

Veni, O Oriens (SSAATTBB) (2014) Listen Preview

An die Musik (SSATBB div.) (2014)

Zefiro torna (SSATBB div.) (2013) Preview Purchase

Lasciatemi morire (SSATBB div.) (2013)

Venite laudemus (SATB) (2012)

Salvete, flores martyrum (SATB) (2011)

Lighten our Darkness (SATB) (2010)

7 Norwegian Christmas Carol arrangements (SATB) (2010)

Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis (SATB and organ) (2009)

A St. Edmund Mass (SATB and congregation) (2009)

The Truth from Above (SA(T)B) (2009)

Guds hjerte (SSATB) (2009)

Pulchra es tu Maria (SATB) (2009) Listen Preview Purchase

Three Motets for St. Olav (SATB) (2009) Listen Purchase

Epitaffio (Arne Nordheim, arr. Andrew Smith) (SATB) (2008)

Veni Emmanuel (SSAATTBB and unison voices) (2008)

Nunc Dimittis (SMezATBarB) (2008) Listen Preview Purchase

Stabat Mater (SSATB) (2007) Listen Preview Purchase

There is no rose (2007) SATB (flexible)

Laudes Creaturarum (2007) SSACtenTTTB

Missa in Solstitio (SSATB and strings or organ) (2007) Listen Preview Purchase

Do not go gentle into that good night (SSATB) (2008) Preview Purchase

Laetabundus (SATB) (2005)

Lux illuxit laetabunda SATB (2004) Listen Purchase

these words are not my own (SSATBB) (2003)  Purchase

Rebus (2000) SATB and children’s choir

The Rock (1999) SSAATTBB


Upper voices:

LUX (SSA and Hardanger fiddle or violin) (2017) Preview Purchase

Spor (text by Sarah Camille Ramin Osmundsen) (SSAA) (2017)

Gnist (SSAA) (2017) Preview Purchase

Trøst (SSAA) (2017) Preview Purchase

Songs of Solomon (Sinfonietta and SSA) (2013)

Requiem (SSAA with organ and improvising instrument) (2012)

Bruma (2008) SSA and improvising trumpet

Ioseph fili David (SSAA) (2007) Listen Preview Purchase

From MATER DEI: Music for equal voices and organ (2007)

Quam Pulchra es (2006) SSA

Ave Regina Caelorum (SSA) (2005) Listen Preview Purchase

Regina caeli (2004) SSA

Ave Maria (SSA) (2000)


Male voices:

My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun (TTBB) (2015)

Music for “Notes for a Requiem” (2011) ATTB

Veni, Emmanuel (2011) ATTB

Ave Maris Stella/Noël Nouvelet (2011) ATTB

Conditor, Alme Siderum (2010) ATTBB

Ecce Virgo concipiet (2008) S (solo) ATTB and children’s voices

Nunc Dimittis (2010) ATTB

To Mock Your Reign (2008) ATTB

Three Pieces for Male Voices (2007) ATTB

Veni, redemptor gentium (2007) ATTB or SATB



Lamentation I-III (2009):

Lamentation I: Alto recorder, tenor recorder, cello

Lamentation II: Tenor 1, tenor 2, cello, theorbo

Lamentation III: Mezzo-soprano, alto recorder, cello, theorbo

Syv sanser – 7 movements for 7 instruments to 7 paintings by Olav Dille (2000) 3 vln, vla, 2 vlc, cb

Organ music (1989-1991):

Å, at jeg kunne min Jesus prise (partita)

Å kom, å kom Immanuel (partita)



To stykker